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Senior Consultant-Nonprofit Finance Team Mentoring and Coaching

Nonprofit finance team members - bookkeepers, accountants, CFOs, Treasurers-can receive valuable one-on-one Mentoring and Coaching;

Jane Thompson is a seasoned executive with experience in for-profit, government, and nonprofit sectors in a variety of executive roles, including CEO, COO, and CFO. As a trained accountant, formerly practicing as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), she has spent the last ten years as an independent consultant focused on improving nonprofits' systems of financial management, reporting and analysis, and serving as an interim CFO during times of transition.  Also, Jane has served on numerous nonprofit boards, currently serving as Treasurer for two Boards and as Chair of the governance committee for a third nonprofit board.  She is focused exclusively on mentoring bookkeepers, accountants, and treasurers to reach their highest potential. 


Mentoring services: 

Over a series of meetings (phone or video calls), we will:

  1. Discover needs, assess skills and interests, and develop a plan.  

  2. Discuss the role of Board Treasurer and identify appropriate staff vs board functions. Discuss specifics of existing roles in the organization. 

  3. Review existing financial reports, identify improvements, and provide samples of best practices for financial reporting. 

  4. Analyze the financial position of the organization and provide tips for reviewing financial statements to assess areas of opportunity and potential challenges. 

  5. Provide updated information on nonprofit reporting requirements and policies in the pipeline.

  6. As needed, prepare for presentation to board by developing and practicing talking points. 

  7. Available for on-call consultations as needed for longer-term. 

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