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How COVID-19 Has Affected Giving

Has Anyone Ever Given You Anything?

Tomorrow, hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations will reach out to their constituencies and beyond. If you have given to multiple organizations in the past or if you’re on any kind of mailing list expect a number of emails in your inbox. Why? Because #Giving TuesdayNow is May 5, 2020.#Giving Tuesday normally takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to set aside a day that is all about celebrating the generosity of giving, a great American tradition.

COVID-19 has changed everything. Tomorrow #GivingTuesdayNow will demonstrate the power of generosity to unite and heal communities -- in good times and bad.

Nonprofits who know their donors and tell their stories well will be heard above the fray tomorrow. The smart ones will thank their donors and talk about the work they are doing. The really smart ones will do the former plus speak to how COVID-19 has affected their mission.

The not so smart ones will cut to the chase, ask for a donation right away, and talk about their budgets

How COVID-19 Has Affected Giving

The pandemic has caused some Americans to shift the causes they support

Well-crafted storytelling and organizations with great missions usually go hand-in-hand. How well they know their donors will also play a part.

You're giving tomorrow will be a great morale boost to the nonprofit sector, whose work is transforming and changing lives for the better.

Please give what you can—small or large—to deserving organizations. We need nonprofits and nonprofits need us.

M. Gasby Brown,

CEO & Executive Consultant

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