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Deep Dives with ISPU: 

Leadership qualities in nonprofit spaces: a "Nonprofit Nuggets" follow-up conversation
In the spring of 2021, ISPU Executive Director Meira Neggaz appeared on Nonprofit Nuggets, a podcast by former ISPU board member M. Gasby Brown, to discuss leadership qualities in nonprofit spaces.

On today's episode of Deep Dives with ISPU, we're adding to this conversation. Meira and Gasby discuss insights on board fundraising using ISPU as a case study.
Deep Dives with ISPU
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Listen to full podcast here: Deep Dives with ISPU
DEI Today : Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the NonProfit sector
DEI Today is a bi-monthly podcast where Dr. K. Edwin Bryant and his guests delve into the racial issues boiling over in the US today.
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The Fundraising School
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NonProfit Thursdays TM started as an invitation-only seminar series designed to educate, inform, and encourage nonprofit leaders. We present a myriad of topics relevant to successful fundraising and organizational effectiveness. The format was created to go beyond the ”talking head” speaker and provide an informal setting of case presentation and lively discussion with a high profile philanthropic or nonprofit expert. The reviews and participant evaluations have been awesome. Taking the formerly in-person gathering virtual is adding another dimension and broadening the access to great information. The Washington DC sponsor has been Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Bank of America.
We invite you to listen to a few of our discussions and download our powerpoint here.
Sample Discussion Topics:
Non-Profit Resiliency: A Necessary Mindset in Challenging Times -  first aired 10/12/12
Strong Boards; Strong Fundraising – a conversation with *Hugh B. Price*, foigh Net Wormer President, National Urban League, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, and Princeton Professor.
High Net Worth Philanthropy Study - Hear key findings and practical applications from a US Trust researcher.
High Network Study 2014
High Net Worth Philanthropy 2016
Fundraising-Not Hunting. It's Gardening
Celebrity Partnerships-Are They Worth It
Audits, Donors, & Accounting Regulations
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